Allergy Treatments.

Allergy treatments administered by medical experts to effectively heal inflammation and flare ups. We provide detailed consultations to identify your issue and develop a personalised treatment plan.

Why choose our Allergy Treatments.

We aim to provide the most suitable treatments for every individual. With years of combined medical and dermatology experience we assess your skincare and allergic reactions in order to develop a personalised treatment plan to gently, but effectively heal your skin and reduce inflammation.


Full Consultation.

We provide full medical assessments to understand your skincare needs and provide a personalised treatment plan.


Pain Free Process.

Gentle treatments to help heal allergic reactions on the skin without causing any pain or irritation.


Long Lasting Results.

Expert allergy treatments from fully qualified medical professionals, giving you results that last.

Allergy Treatment Southampton

Allergy Consultation.

At Kaizen, we believe knowledge is power and focus on informing you of exactly what happens during each treatment. We are always on hand for any aftercare questions you have, no matter what time of day. Our clients feel comfortable with us and we provide a chilled, friendly atmosphere to put you at ease before, during and after your treatment.

Each person is different, and we steer away from a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we believe in offering bespoke, tailored allergy treatments to address exactly what you need.

Allergy Treatments.

Expert treatments from medically trained practitioners to help cure all types of allergic reactions and unexpected skin conditions.

Skin Rash

Skin Rash

Our medical professionals can help to identify and treat skin rashes.



Medically administered treatments for impetigo rashes.


Our experienced medical practitioners are available for full consultations on your skin irregularities. Treatments vary depending on the individual case, allowing us to provide you with a fully bespoke treatment plan tailored to the exact needs of your skin and condition. Contact us to book your consultation.

Speak to our medical team about your treatment today.

Your health and safety are of the utmost importance, which is why all services are only available to adults aged 18+ and require a full consultation prior to treatment. Under 18’s are strictly prohibited from the clinic unless they are undertaking medical treatment. 

Contact us to book a consultation and discuss your aesthetic goals with a fully qualified medical expert. Please allow up to 48 working hours for a response from our team. 

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