Hyperhidrosis Treatment.

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a real issue for some. Anti-wrinkle© injections aren’t just for smoothing fine lines, they’re also a popular treatment for alternative uses such as to prevent excessive sweating.

Common Hyperhidrosis Questions.

Medically administered Anti-wrinkle© injections can be used to block the nerve signals responsible for sweating. This treatment stops the glands from over producing sweat, leaving you comfortable and confident every single day. 

Anti-wrinkle© for Hyperhidrosis is primarily injected into the underarms, however, it can be used to treat other areas of the body.

Anti-wrinkle© injectables are available for adults aged 18+, subject to a full medical consultation prior to treatment. Contact us for more information and book a consultation for a personalised assessment to determine the perfect treatment plan specific to you.


Long-lasting Results.

Enjoy long-lasting permanent sweat reduction for up to 12-months with medical Anti-wrinkle© treatments.


Healthy Skin.

We provide personalised assessments to address suitability, so you can enjoy healthy, glowing skin.


Feel Confident in Your Skin.

Stop embarrassing sweat patches with a quick, and safe treatment for immediate results.

Under Arms.

Underarm Anti-wrinkle© blocks the nerves that activate the sweat glands. The injectable treatment paralyses the overactive glands, meaning sweat does not get produced in the treated area. 

This sweat prevention treatment is quick, easy and virtually pain free. Results are usually seen within 10 days of treatment and can last up to 12-months.

Under Breast.

Many women and men experience excessive sweating in the chest area. This can result in embarrassing sweat patches and stop you from comfortably wearing certain items of clothing.

With Hyperhidrosis treatment you can resolve this issue quickly and safely without having to undergo surgery.

Hand Treatment.

Anti-wrinkle© injections can cure sweaty palms. Treatment lasts up to 6-months, leaving you confident and free from feeling self-conscious about any excessive sweating.

We offer expert treatments administered by an experienced medical professional in Southampton. Get in touch to book your consultation today.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Southampton

Feet Treatment.

Anti-wrinkle© injections in the feet are a popular choice for managing and preventing excessive sweating. This injectable treatment paralyses the sweat glands, stopping your feet from overproducing sweat, leaving you happy and confident in your new found freedom.

Contact our team to discuss your needs with a medical practitioner, and book your Anti-wrinkle© appointment today.

Treatment Pricing.


from £450
  • Underarm Hyperhidrosis Anti-wrinkle© treatments permanently reduce excessive sweating for up to 12-months.


from £450
  • Anti-wrinkle© is injected into the feet to paralyse the sweat glands, allowing you to prevent and control excessive sweat production.


from £450
  • The cure for sweaty palms; results last up to 6-months, leaving you confident and free from sweat production.

Speak to our medical team about your treatment today.

Your health and safety are of the utmost importance, which is why all services are only available to adults aged 18+ and require a full consultation prior to treatment. Under 18’s are strictly prohibited from the clinic unless they are undertaking medical treatment. 

Contact us to book a consultation and discuss your aesthetic goals with a fully qualified medical expert. Please allow up to 48 working hours for a response from our team. 

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