Laser hair removal southampton

pain-free Laser Hair Removal to keep your skin smooth.

Enjoy soft, smooth, hair free skin all year round with professional laser hair removal treatments, available to both men and women. Visit the clinic in Southampton for your treatment.

Why choose our Laser Hair Removal.

Permanently remove unwanted hair with our laser hair removal treatments. Our laser treatment is pain-free and will leave you with permanent hair removal after a series of sessions.

We use the Soprano Ice Platinum© machine. This laser device is FDA approved and CE marked, so know you’re receiving the highest quality treatments using the best technology. The 3 wavelengths in 1 to penetrate the root and destroy the hair follicle. This treatment is subject to a laser patch test minimum of 24 hours prior to treatment.

Laser Hair Removal


Quick & Simple Hair Removal.

Laser hair removal is a quick and easy treatment that works for both men and women.


Pain Free Process.

Laser hair removal with the Soprano Ice Platinum is a simple, pain free procedure that gently but effectively destroys the hair follicle.


Long Lasting Results.

Permanently reduce unwanted hairs and enjoy smooth, soft skin all year round.

Our laser hair removal Process.

The number of sessions needed will depend on your hair growth cycles as this differs between each person. Your skin tone and the area being treated will also make the number of sessions vary. However, we usually say on average around 6-8 sessions.

We will apply a gel over the area to be treated then place the device on your skin as a series of laser flashes are produced at a very quick speed. We run the laser head across the area to be treated instead of stop and start flashes as older laser machines require.

Areas For Treatment.

Using light energy to destroy hair follicles, our experienced therapists can safely treat multiple areas on the body with precision.

Upper Lip & Face

Upper Lip & Face

Laser hair removal on your face a lips is a quick, easy, pain-free treatment.

Upper & Lower Legs

Upper & Lower Legs

Say goodbye to shaving and waxing with the safest laser treatment available.

Neck & Shoulders

Neck & Shoulders

Enjoy soft, smooth skin free from excessive hair or irritating razor bumps.

Under Arms & Armpits

Under Arms & Armpits

Long-term hair reduction for perfectly clear skin all year round.

Treatment Pricing.


from £200
  • Single laser hair removal sessions are ideal for those who require a top-up at least once a year. Prices vary from £20-£200.


from £1000
  • Permanently remove unwanted hairs from your legs and enjoy silky smooth skin all year round.


from £300
  • One of our most popular treatments for expert, permanent hair reduction on your arms and underarms.

Speak to our medical team about your laser hair removal today.

Your health and safety are of the utmost importance, which is why all services are only available to adults aged 18+ and require a full consultation prior to treatment. Under 18’s are strictly prohibited from the clinic unless they are undertaking medical treatment. 

Contact us to book a consultation and discuss your aesthetic goals with a fully qualified medical expert. Please allow up to 48 working hours for a response from our team. 

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